A relaxing accommodation near the sea in the heart of Teulada.

teulada BEACHES


The beach called Tuerredda is listed among the masterpieces of the Mediterranean by specialized magazines, it is the 'jewel' of the south-west of Sardinia: a mix of crystalline sea, soft sand and Mediterranean scents.
You will fall in love with her at first sight and, in the presence of her, you can only confirm a unanimous thought 'I don't remember anything like that!'. Tuerredda beach is a wonder of nature, a 'pearl' that recalls Caribbean scenery, which has become an undisputed symbol of Sardinia, thanks to the intense blue of the water, the green of the shrubs and the delicate gold of the fine sand.It stretches for over half a kilometer within an inlet between Capo Malfatano and Capo Spartivento, in the territory of Teulada, in the south-western end of the island. To reach it you will walk along the panoramic view of the Costa del Sud di Teulada (provincial road 71), which offers you breathtaking scenery


Dune Is Arenas Biancas located in the territory of Teulada, 30 meters high, precede a 3 km long beach called Porto Pino. The beach embraces a crystalline sea with turquoise and blue shades. The beach is divided in two, the first part takes the name of the tourist resort of Porto Pino and is characterized by white and gray sand. The second has a much whiter and softer sand that ends with the dunes called Is Arenas Biancas in the territory of Teulada. It is a very spacious and safe beach even for children as the seabed is very low for several meters. All embellished by the presence at the rear of a large pond where various species of birds and pink flamingos reside. The Mediterranean scrub surrounds the beach among oaks, centuries-old junipers and the rare Aleppo pine, highly prized for its wood.


Porto Tramatzu beach is another jewel of Teulada in South West Sardinia. White and very fine sand and a sea with blue shades that we could consider among the most beautiful in Sardinia. The very low sandy bottom for tens of meters reaches the nearby red island, an islet covered by the Mediterranean scrub reachable through excursions organized by the beach establishments.The territory of Teulada is a succession of coves of very white and fine sand, some not accessible due to the nearby military garrison, others accessible only in summer such as the splendid Cala Zafferano.
From the beach of Porto Tramatzu it is possible to have all the information in the bathing establishments equipped for excursions.